Monday, August 11, 2008


I am knee deep in planning. I am finally feeling the pressure to get going on this. Baseball has ended and summer swim team (more on that later) is over this Friday. I see the light at the end of all this driving. I tried today to just lay around and not do much but reading the WTM boards always fires me up. Many have already begun the school year. The nice weather we are having makes it even harder to think about schooling. But I must be disciplined if I expect to geth through this year.

Here is what we are planning on accomplishing:

Baby Peep

History - finish ( HA! more like start) SOTW 1 and maybe get to SOTW 2 along with Ancient History Portfolio Junior. We have used the parts that correspond with the SOTW chapter we have read and he has really enjoyed the more hands on stuff. He is my crafty child and I am so. not. crafty. But we must adapt!!!

Math - almost done with Singapore Math 1B. Complete 2A and maybe 2B

Science - ????????

Grammar - First Language Lessons 2. We have a few more lessons to complete 1 and then can begin 2.

Writing - Writing with Ease with my own workbook. I looked over a friend's copy of the WWE workbook and I did not like it. The text is perfect and I used the instruction in that to giude my own creation. Their workbook used a different book every week for narration and copywork. Baby peep and I want to read the books he uses for copywork and I could not handle a-book-a-week schedule. I created my own workbook integrating our grammar, read aloud, and writing goals. It should be fun.

Phonics/ Reading Instruction - McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader is what we are sticking too. We have tried several things and I wish he would enjoy Phonics Pathways but he is mostly overwhelmed despite my best efforts. Reading for this child has been a true struggle. Not that he is not able, he just has no desire. Unfortunately for him I am not comfortable waiting until he wishes to learn. He has made HUGE progress this past year but is still not where I would like him. He knows my goals for this year and has agreed to try to meet them. He knows it will entail alot of hard work but he is always up for a challenge. Because of his personality, I have to bargin and introduce goals as if these were his ideas and not mine.

Spelling - Last year I ignored this mostly but this year I must address it. I can not wait to find myself with a poor speller. It is a mistake I made once and will not repeat. He does seem to be a more natural speller but I am not willing to take my chances. I have looked over the All About Spelling materials once more and believe I can get through Level one and Two with him. I still have to plan it out somewhat and get myself familiar with this system. Everyone on WTM boards that uses it says it doesn't take more than 10 minutes but for us it was taking way longer. I need to study it again. I did get the magnets for the letter tiles so I hope this helps.

Art - Atelier Art. I finally took a long look at this at the curriculum fair and I had to get it. Baby Peep is the artist but they have all really enjoyed the two lessons we have done. I can't wait to make this a weekly thing. We have invited friends to do it with us and we are excited to start.

Latin - I am still undecided about Latin in general with this child. He is still not fluently reading so I think Ineed to focus on that but he has been asking when he will start Latin. Now that I have a program I LOVE to use when they get to about 9 or 10 I need to decide if I should start now or wait another year and do Minimus at age 8 or do Song School Latin at 7, then Minimus at 8 with Latin Prep at 9.

Middle Peep and Oldest Peep to come........

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  1. I really like your WWE workbook you made. I am making a copy of this for when my youngest is at that point. Thanks.
    Nice blog by the way!
    Rhonda in WA (WTM boards)