Friday, August 22, 2008

Gipsy Kings!!!!!!!!

For my birthday, Papa Peep surprised me with concert tickets to see the Gipsy Kings. To be totally honest, I was not too happy. I really need a new pocket camera. I really wanted a new pocket camera. I got concert tickets. But what was really upsetting was that it was at an outdoor venue. Since moving here, I have been cold. I can count on one finger the times I have been warm since our move. Once that sun goes down, it gets really chilly. I sleep with socks on and undercovers. How could I enjoy an outdoor concert when I am going to be cold and possibly wet because after all I live in a wet city. I tried to think positively as I am generally a positive person. Well I was dreading it. I gave Papa Peep a hard time. I begged him to return the tickets and he tried albeit not hard enough but he did tried.

The concert was tonight and althought I was cold (but at least not wet) we had a good time. I can't say great. We had wonderful seats. He got tickets for a roped off section right in front stage with chairs. We were right in the center in the 4th row, but after 4 or so songs people starting coming up from the back and standing in front of our front row seats. OMG!!!! I was so angry. I couldn't see anything and even if I stood I could not see. So I did what any 4'10" girl would do. I pouted and thought about leaving but then I just stood on my chair and I was still shorter than the guy in the second row. But that is ok because now I could see the stage and the fingers of one of the kings playing one of my favorite tunes. Thank you papa peep for insisting we go. 


SHHHH!!!! This was taken with Papas cell phone. No cameras were allowed.
It is ok as Photoshop (Thanks to M) was able to clean it up a bit.
The GK facing us was my favorite. His fingers magically played the tunes perfectly!


  1. First i think i need to comment on the fact that you WERE NOT positive about the situation. You were a total DEBBIE DOWNER!!!
    AND second of all I TOLD YOU WERE YOU GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! HA... always listen to your little sis. :-)

  2. LOL that was pretty funny! I am glad it turned out ok for you. I am hoping you get the camera you want as a "bonus". :)

    Can you pretty please email me? I can't find your email address and I am heading to your area for a workshop and wanted to know if you might be interested in going too. :) It would be GREAT to see you!


  3. Next time ask for socks with the new pocket camera!

  4. Papa peep may not get it right all the time. What man does?
    But it's clear that man loves you and knowing you it's not hard to see why. Happy belated birthday!

  5. Happy belated bday!!! Sorry you didn't score a new camera, but at least you had a frustrating (I mean funny) story to share. ;)


  6. The above "Tammy" is the Tammy from Evergreen Eclectic Academy, not some random blog stalker. I'm not sure why blogger had me logged in differently. Sometimes I think my computer has a mind of its own.

    ~Tammy (@ EEA)