Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Playing at the Iguana Park in Guayaquil.....


  1. They are everywhere, arent' they? Cool pics!

  2. You know Fi would be in heaven with all those Iguanas. Mac on the other hand would look on from afar.


  3. That's so cool that you could walk around amongst them!

  4. This is a park and a sanctuary for the Iguanas. It is surrounded by city traffic and city hustle and bustle. The Iguanas are wild not tamed at all. The peeps loved going here the last time we were in Ecuador. They had named a bunch of them and this time came back to see if they could find some of their favorites. One in particular they named Pentatail guessed it...he had 5 tails. We often saw them fighting with each other I guess to show who was the most macho. The last time we were there, one relieved himself from up in the trees and it just happen to land on Baby Peep. He won't let me post those pictures. Let me tell you...Iguana poop stinks!!! I hope you enjoyed this installment of WW!

    Patricia (mama peep)
    Happy WW to all!

  5. when was this.. i didn't go this time around. not fair you went without me... WAH!!!

  6. OMGosh! Yuck! Love to look anthem from the picture though... I just don’t like them Sam I am...

    Im late to the party... good thing its only 9:30 pm here on the west coast! lol Its still WW!!!

    I gotta get off this thing and head for the barn. Train trip tomorrow. Long day ahead....

    Then the used curriculum sale is Friday in Puyallup.... and then next week is ours....

    Hope to see you soon by the way... maybe the kids and I can hop on the ferry and we can hit the science center and the Imax.... we have not been in a while...

    Have a good night...


  7. Oh my! I would be in heaven! Reptiles Rule!

    (Wow, I just sounded like my 7 yr. old!)

    PS I say Lisa mention Puyallup in her comment...I use to live there and still visit dh's family there! :0)