Thursday, May 08, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge #5

WOW!!! Let's start off by saying, I have never been to a tide pool before! Well, this will not be the last either. Tide pools are the coolest ever! Although you can clearly see in the pictures that it was a cold miserable cloudy day, we really did enjoy ourselves. Next time I will bring hot chocolate to keep us warm, some blankets to lay on the beach while we sketch, and lots of guides to identify what we are seeing. We have found the names of most of the animals we saw yesterday. (I will get that list up once it is complete.) Each child is going to pick one of them to research further. I will post a follow up once those reports are done. But now, enjoy the slide show!

(It takes a little while to load, so bring a cup of tea with you.)

Oh, and our focus area was going to be the lake, we have decided to switch to the Puget Sound. We plan on going to the next low tide in June so that we may see other creatures (different location). We can't wait.


  1. What a fantastic slideshow! I was fascinated by all the colorful creatures that you saw and can see why you are anxious to go back again.

    Great focus area.

    Thanks for the link,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Loved it!!! When I saw how gray & cold it looked I was going to lamely suggest that next time you're down in SoCal (ha!), we could take all the kids to Laguna's tidepools and BE WARM. But then I saw all the marine life you guys found - you have way more & bigger starfish than we have!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last photo of the Peeps. Happy Friday!

  3. Oh My! That was lovely. Just Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! The ending was so sweet! (I love your camera...)

    Don't we live is a wonderful part of the world? I love it here.

    Can't wait to see what else you learn about from sound. :o)

    ~Tina who needs to get back into GHC!!!!

  4. What an amazing nature study outing!
    Wondering pictures of very cool things, most of which I don't even know what they are!