Thursday, May 29, 2008


Boy have I abandoned this blog over the last two weeks. I have even missed 2 whole Wordless Wednesdays! I have been really busy enjoying the nice weather (on the days that it is nice) and thinking about our coming year. Usually about this time I switch to a lighter schedule for the summer. The peeps usually start their summer swim team. (It is hard to believe it is warm enough somewhere in the world to be swimming out doors!) I enjoy the warm but not yet muggy weather of Georgia. The neighborhood kids are out of school and knocking on our door at all hours of the day. This year however, the kids are still in school. It is still too cold to wear flip flops or skirts. And there is no outdoor pool to enjoy.

School must continue but I have been analyzing the fast paced schedule that we have had the last couple of years. I have been visiting the Charlotte Mason website of Ambleside Online almost daily. I am intrigued by their schedule. I have been comtemplating on how to integrate it into ours and how to let go of some of my (over) planning. We will see what the brain comes up with. Honestly, I have everything from now until highschool planned out already so this is a big leap I am about to take. I will keep you posted. For now, enjoy this picture.


  1. Hello there, Slacker ;-)...
    We're entering summer mode here. I'm even completely letting ds drop Latin for the entire summer. :-O!!! I'm feeling like we all need a real break. And *I've* not yet begun to even THINK about next year and what we're doing!!!! Yikes. That's never happened before (7 year itch?!?). Hopefully the "urge" to comtemplate next year will wash over me sometime soon....

  2. hehehe.. hey slacker... nice to see you post! You were missed, and not just on WW!

    The weather has been good here hasn’t it? Off and on good, but right now... with the winter we had, I'll take it!!

    We slowed our pace down after Christmas... had a hard time getting our grove on again.... and it helped to just ease up... hope you find a good balance...

    We are on summer schedule... school light.... we have not done science yet like I wanted... wouldn’t ya know the week I want to start, we loose water for 3 days! sakes alive... isn’t that how it goes some days...

    I will tell you this... I love camping and roughing it then... but when at home... I am not a pioneer! *Ü*


  3. I was hoping the pool side picture would work and warmer weather would be making it way out there! Ugh... maybe we can try a sun dance this afternoon. Todd and Monia say, come July and August it will be amazing. You just need to hold on.

    Oh and CM? Really? This shall be interesting to read about.


  4. Hi. Came across your blog via WTM boards. I've also been intrigued by the AO site, and working on incorporating SOME of it into our schedule. And...overplanning...yes I know that one too. :)
    Anyway, nice blog, hope you guys have a great summer.
    Parabola on the WTM boards

  5. Hey there! Been wondering where you were! I've not been around much either. What is it about this time of year?

    You know what!? I have been doing the same thing with AO! I love it, but not completely sold on it. I am planning to incorporate a lot if it into our schedule for next year though. I am working on the history and trying to get their stuff to match up with SOTW 2. It's hard work!

    Anyhow, just checking in with you!

  6. "HI!" from one slacker to another!!!

    My poor blog... It needs some attention...

    Glad your back in your "grove". I will be inspired by you my friend!

    Oh you going to the WHO and/or WATCH convention? WHO is just around the corner!!!!

    LOL WA weather does have it's pluses. :)

    OH how's the mice situation? I am thinking I should just email you... I have to many comments/questions. LOL

    Take care my friend!