Friday, May 02, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge #2-3

Well, we are back and up to the challenge once more. Yesterday we had a beautiful day so we went out for our walk despite the fact that dishes were piling and I had a million phone calls to make.

We stayed out for over an hour to accomplish both challenge # 2 and #3. My fellow challengers are up to #12. I have to get caught up!

Barb over at the Heart of Harmony wanted us to observe nature as quietly as possible. Well, if you know my children this can be the most difficult thing you can ask of them. They are always talking, singing, pointing things out, or just chattering away for no particular reason. Baby Peep was especially challenged this week. After observing, these are the things they shared with me.
Oldest Peep
One word to describe something she heard - caw
Two words to describe something she saw - beautiful flowers
Three words to describe something she felt - bright warm sun

Middle Peep
One word to describe something he heard - chirping
Two words to describe something he saw - extremely prickly
Three words to describe something he felt - green prickly tree

Baby Peep
One word to describe something he heard - tweet tweet
Two words to describe something he saw - a cool rock and wiggly worms
Three words to describe something he felt - green spiky tree

I tried to get them to draw but they actually were more interested in climbing the rock wall

and then in lifting stones to find worms and other bugs.

EKK!! Mom is not a fan of bugs. It was really hard for me to take pictures of these.

Oldest Peep was much more interested in drawing and she found a nice sunny spot to set up shop.

We picked this tree to investigate further but we have not done that yet. It has intrigued us since the first time we saw it. It is the spiky prickly green tree both boy peeps refer to above.

Afterwards we went to the playset and did some leaf rubbings. The boys stayed long enough to see what I was doing and then they ran off to gather more leaves. However they found an area to explore and never came back.....

We saw lots of signs that Spring is acoming. We could not be happier as this cold weather really gets us down.

Well, that is it for this week. Come back for our other challenges.


  1. Such interesting plants and trees you have to observe in your area!

    Great leaf rubbings and I love the photo of your daughter drawing in her journal.

    So glad to see you back at your challenges. Thanks for sharing your Green Hour.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I liked the picture of pee number 1 drawing too... The prickly tree... is it a monkey tree?? We had one when I was in Jr High.... I loved it... not sure why?? Whenever I saw one I would punch someone in the arm and say monkey tree... sort of like giving a monkey bump.... not a very good game I guess. *Ü* but I was a tweener then...

    It was good to read about your adventures. I enjoyed it....

    Enjoy the weekend...


  3. Wow, your really moving along with the challenges. Great pictures and rubbings.