Sunday, May 04, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!! Baby Peep!!!!!!

Today was Baby Peep's 7th Birthday! I can not believe how old my baby is! He has been looking forward to being 7 for a long time. I don't really know why. Soon I will have to pin him down long enough to ask him why and what his goals are for this year.

We spent the morning making some of his favorite breakfast foods, since breakfast is his favorite meal. He had eggs (fried, over medium with peppers), tortillas de maiz with cheese I brought back from Ecuador, and chifles (plaintain chips). He was in breakfast heaven. Forgot to get pictures of that!!!

Afterwards, we decided to take his birthday present for a spin. He got a new bike! He was so excited!

We took the bikes to a trail at a new park we discovered last week thanks to our homeschool group. The trail we took led to the lake and he was again in birthday heaven.

We rode for a while and then decided to get his favorite meal for dinner.....singapore rice noodles. YUMMY! They also serve THE best fried rice I have ever had. Ice cream for desert at Baskin Robin and then home for a homemade birthday cake.

Since he is wheat and gluten free I have to make his birthday cakes. I am not a baker. A cook? YES! Baker? NO! So I sooo look forward to this time every year (insert sarcasm). One morning while we were in our morning routine, he said, "I wish my cake could say Happy Birthday with the icing writing thing!" He made this statement that broke my heart and then went about his business. Did I mention I am NOT a baker? How do they do that? Can I find a place to do it? NO! Boy, was I in trouble. So I went to the store and tried to find something so easy even I could do it. Well, I don't think I did a great job, but just to see the look of happiness on his face was enough for me.

Happy 7th Birthday Baby!!!!!!


  1. Such darling pictures of a lovely, joy-filled, birthday celebration day. :-) Happy Belated Birthday to the "Baby" Peep !!

  2. Happy B'Day little man J. You look smashing on your new bike.

  3. Happy Birthday Little Peep!

    You are a WONDERFUL mom!