Saturday, January 13, 2007


This weekend I have been left utterly amazed by my children! AMAZED!

We will start with Middle peep. He is on a basketball team this winter. It is the first team sport he has been in other than summer swimming league. Well today they had a game after a very long break for the holidays. My baby stole the ball like 5 times, had a rebound, a few assists, and 8 attempts! That is awesome!

WHY you ask?

It is great because before this game he had touched the ball in a game less than 5 times and had never even attempted to shoot. I am a proud mama today.

Oh, yeah, they won too!

Now after Middle Peep's basketball game came Oldest Peep's swim meet. She has been practicing really hard for this. She has not always wanted to practice, but like the slave driver I am I have driven her to every practice and talked to her about pushing herself harder and the benefits of achieving goals. Well, it paid off. She did wonderfully. She was better than wonderful.

Her first event was a 100 Individual Medley. That means she has to swim 4 laps on each stroke. First is butterfly, then back, then breast, then freestyle. Her strongest are back (even though she hates it) and freestyle, followed closely by breast stroke. She is scared of butterfly. Her next event was a 50 Freestyle. Third events was 100 breast stroke and then 50 back stroke.

Here is how she did:

Event Time Place in Heat Place Overall Previous Time
IM 1.35.60 1 out of 10 33 out of 84 NT
Freestyle 35.44 2 out of 10 13 out of 95 38.22
Breast stroke 1.47.72 1 out of 10 18 out of 67 NT
Back stroke 42.08 1 out of 10 10 out of 79 46.14

How can mama (and papa peep) not be proud! If you want to see her swim go here.

Now not to be out done, Baby Peep read to me today. We were at a restaurant today and he wanted me to read a sign for him. I was talking to Papa Peep and asked him to wait a minute. I guess a minute was far too long for him because the next thing I know he is running back and forth between me and the sign telling me each word that was on the sign. Some he got wrong because he used each letter sound to read the word. We know English doesn't work that way. But the fact that he attempted to read was a proud moment for me. Every time I mention to someone that he is reading or I say to him that he could read, he vehemently denies it. Today, he took one huge step closer to literacy.

All around today I am a proud mom. Not because of how their accomplishments make me feel, but because of how it makes them feel!

PM (Proud Mama)

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