Friday, January 12, 2007

Homeschool Band

Today, I loaded the children into the car and drove a whole 3 miles roughly to Homeschool Band. I would walk if

1. there were sidewalks in this crazy city

2. we did not have quite a load to carry with us.

Oldest Peep is learning to play the violin and Middle Peep is learning to play the guitar. The violin teacher could be a bit more engaging but this is her first year teaching. I hope the lessons rev up for the Spring concert. Oldest Peep has also now decided to take Chorus lessons. Today was her first day and I must say I am very impressed. Just speaking with the teacher I got a very good feeling. They will be singing Broadway tunes, Gershwin, and more. Let's see how it goes.

Middle Peep's guitar class is interesting. The teacher is knowledgeable and engaging. He has taught Middle Peep well. His choice of music, however, leaves allot to desire. He sticks to one genre and it is not something we would listen to EVER. I am not sure how to approach him about choosing something more.........central.....mainstream. I would like Middle Peep to continue guitar lessons. I may start looking for private lessons and start those when these are over. I would like him to play trumpet next year but I will have to sit in on that class before I decide.

Baby peep is not old enough to join yet, but next year he will start recorder. He is very excited about it. I will have to see what book they will be using. He can then move to guitar at 8 and then band at 9. I would like to stick with this band but I will have to think about how much of this genre I am willing to put up with.

Overall, they are learning a skill that they can use the rest of their lives.

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