Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Power Yoga

So I have been taking the Power Yoga class at the Y for the last few months. I try to only miss it if I absolutely must. I did not attend the week of Christmas because there was no class and New Year's week I had the flu. I went on Tuesday and I found that I am getting stronger.


The instructor, who is fabulous by the way, told us to think of a meaningful word and mentally recite it while holding some of the poses. I chose "CALM" and if you know me, you know I am not always this. Well, my entire house is not always this. Calm is not a word I would use to describe any of my children. They are not unruly, but they have so much energy and enthusiasm for life that calm is not something they know how to do. It is not in the DNA structure folks!

I don't know if chanting calm helped me focus better and that is why I felt stronger or if it really calmed me but I had the best workout I have had in a long time. It could also be that I had not done anything "exercisish" since before Christmas. I think it was probably a combination of all of those.

However, my word for this year will be calm. I will chant it as often as possible; even when the children are literally climbing the walls as they do often.

Now for something unrelated....I need a tag line! How do I sign off??? hmmmm.......

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