Friday, January 05, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

OK! My little sis has bugged me just about all week to write something. I have felt no desire to write since not much has happen around here. I was dog sick with the flu and am still suffering lingering affects. My sleep has also suffered greatly. I spend all day tired but once the kids are in bed I am recharged. This is not exactly a good thing.

Today we did a little school work. I have finally put together a doable schedule.....I hope......for the final installment of our history program. We have not done much history since our return from Ecuador. I just did not have the energy to fight the children for narrations. I also did not want to fight with oldest peet to pay attention. Well I must say she has learned to focus her mind this year. Maybe she is maturing or years of me telling her to focus have finally sunk in...I don't know...but she was very attentive today. I know she likes to know the answers and it frustrates her when her younger brother can answer before she can. Since we are doing it with friends sort of a co-op thing she is enjoying it.

I don't know what I will do next year with her but I do know I have to spend the next 2 years catching her up. She needs to do the 4 year logic stage of history in 2. We took a very long time to get through the grammar stage and we now have to make up for it. I may use Pandia Press' History Odyssey. I really want something secular, with as little bias as possible, and sufficiently detailed to make it an independent program.

Baby peet is going to need more and more of my attention and she must start working more on her own. I need to set a schedule for the little guy as well that will help me keep track of what he is learning and what progress he has made this year. The reading is finally coming along.

Tomorrow Middle Peep will be taking part in a chess tournament. I am scared as to how he will performed. In the last tournament he was in, he had a meltdown round and we still have not really discussed it. It was the last round in a 2 day, 9 round tournament event. I understand his meltdown but it was very much out of character. He is my happy little rock. Maybe on the way to the tournament I will talk to him about it. That reminds me I must print out directions.

Well I am off to watch some TV before I doze off. OH I must tell you all about a new series Papa Peep and I have found. ROME on HBO. It has been very well cast and even though I know the story and how it ends, it is very cool to have it before me. HBO has done a great job with casting, costumes, makeup, and customs of the Roman period. They did their homework. I was hoping it would be appropriate for the kids but alas, it is HBO and definitely NOT kid appropriate. It is very entertaining for the adult enthusias however. The best thing is that most fo the series is available ON DEMAND on Comcast! See you all tomorrow.

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