Friday, August 14, 2009

Washington Renaissance Fair

How fun!!!! 
We found out about the Washington Renaissance Fair last week so on Sunday we decided to check it out. The last time we went to one of these was several years ago when we still lived in GA.

As soon as we parked the car, I felt like we had teleported to another time. It is always amazing to me to see how serious some people take this event. We saw all sorts of costumes. The part my kids enjoyed the most was the entertainers that walked about the place. When we first entered we saw a group of pirates hassling people in the pub. There was another pirate in the street walking around with a plank on a rope. We didn't really understand that. we really enjoyed seeing the Queen walking about from show to show with the Royal Court. Sadly, there was no King with her. And the food! Well, let's just say we all looked forward to walking around eating our huge turkey leg (not pictured). Enjoy the few pictures I was able to get.


  1. Must have been so nice to enjoy Ren Fest w/o sweating to death. Each year I promise the girls we will go back, and each year the heat keeps me away. Ugh...

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the Faire (I'm a participant).

    To clarify a few things: Yes, that pirate was just "walking the plank" for the fun of a bad pun, and the Queen is Mary, Queen of Scots, who remained sadly kingless throughout her reign, hence no king.

    We had one glorious day, when it was cloudy and almost cool - that was definitely the day to be there! The rest of the time, we loaded up on water and pedialite, and hoped for the best.

  3. Thanks for clarifying! We thought the pirate was funny just didn't think too long on it. You guys put on a great show. We really enjoyed ourselves.

    The first comment was referring to the heat in GA. Trust me. This heat is NOTHING compared to what they get. :-)