Sunday, August 09, 2009


The garden is busy with activity!
The only herb we managed to grow was cilantro and that took us several tries to get going.

Finally here!!!!! 
Cherry tomatoes!
We have had tomatoes forever but they just were not ripening. 
Yesterday I noticed that they are on their way!!!!

Here the Roma Tomatoes are still very green!
But forming well!
Next we move on to the cucumbers. 
This summer we are growing two kinds of cucumbers. 

Regular cukes!!!

And lemon cucumbers!

This is the cucumber plant. Look at all those flowers. 

I have seen several bees busy pollinating so I hope we get many more cucumbers!

Onto the pole beans!

We have already harvested many!
We have 5 bean plants but this is the only one which has vined and also the only one that hasn't produced any beans. the others are small and bushy but have given us lots of beans. 
Weird, huh!
When I got these 2 plants all the natives doubted me. They pooh poohed my peppers. Well, guess who has peppers now! :-)
We just got 2 new strawberry plants. They are the everbearing variety! We can't wait!
These are the June bearing ones. The leaves have been doing well and we got a big crop in June but since then the leaves have been turning red. Anyone know why????? Please tell me it is normal!

Yes you read correctly! Watermelon in Western Washington!
Like the peppers I raised lots of eyebrows with my choice, but I think they are doing rather well. Let's hope the warmth doesn't run out before they actually grow. 
And since the weather did turn colder I got some broccoli plants. We have three and we will see how they do. These are a first for us.
So there you have it. A look around my garden. 
How is your garden doing?

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