Sunday, August 09, 2009

Spring Rolls

I have been asked several times for this recipe. It is very simple once you have all the ingredients and a perfect meal on a summer evening when you don't want to eat anything warm.

First gather rice paper for spring rolls. I have found this in the Asian section of my local supermarket. You will also easily find these at any Asian market.

This is the only MUST have for these. All other ingredients are what I use but you can add practically anything you want in them.

I add: 
Green Leaf Lettuce
rinse and let dry

Turkey Kielbasa
cut into strips
and then cook
Bean thread
Put water to boil
Turn off and add threads
Cover and let sit in hot water until soft
You do not boil water with these in them. The hot water will soften and cook them. After they are soft I rinse them to cool them off but leave some water in the pot or they will be difficult to work with.
omelet style which I cut into strips (not pictured)
Here is where you can add other things. My mom makes them with shrimp instead of kielbasa. You could use strips of pork or chicken or beef or tofu. Imagine strips of albacore/ahi tuna or salmon. You can add cilantro if you like it.  
I usually add bean sprouts, but I had none on hand today.
 A local Pho place makes them with Thai Lemon Basil.
The possibilities are endless. You get to pick the ingredients.
Now I prepare all my filler ingredients beforehand. Everything is ready and in bowls on the island waiting for assembly. I put them in front of me from left to right in the order I need them. This would have made a great picture but I just now realized I didn't take one. Oh well! I am sure you get the "picture".
Now you must have a container big enough to fit the rice paper flat. I use this round and flat container.
I fill it with about 1/2 an inch of water and then heat it in the microwave. 
Once it is hot but not too hot to put my fingers in, I drop a rice paper sheet in the hot water.
In about 20 seconds it becomes very soft.
You will have to heat the water after every 4 or 5 sheets. Remember, the warmer the water the faster the rice paper softens.
Carefully take it out and lay it flat on your working surface.
Here starts the assembly!
Place about half of a green leaf lettuce on top in the middle.
Next place some bean threads.
Add your other ingredients.
Begin Rolling!
Fold the left and right sides over.
Then the side closet to you.
Finally, roll the entire thing over 
until you have a cigar shape roll.
Repeat a billion times because I promise you they will eat them as fast as you can make them.
I had to threaten them just so I could get a picture of a full serving dish. 
OH! And don't forget your favorite dipping sauce.
In your house it could be hot sauce!
Buen provecho!


  1. mala - you didn't do those when i was there... WAHH!!!!!!

  2. Sorry! Now you have a reason to come back. :-) Or have Ma make them! I taught her when she was last here.

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