Thursday, November 06, 2008


So what have I been feeling? There are so many emotions I don't know how to narrow them down.....

The whole world is expecting a lot from him. Some expect failure, but most expect exceptionalism, understanding, compassion, and honor. He has a heavy burden on his shoulders but I truly believe he is up for the challenge. There are so many placing so many hopes and dreams on him that I worry, but I am hopeful. If nothing else this process has taught me to trust in his judgement. I may not agree at times but if I listen I understand his reason. I feel pride in calling him My President. I feel joy at the thought of his two young daughters running around that big old house full of history adding their laughter to its halls. I read somewhere that they have him wrapped around their fingers. You can tell by the way he looks at them and Michelle that he just adores them. He will work hard to make this a better world if nothing else for them and their future. I am hopeful.

I am also a realist. I know the world will not embrace peace simply for him. I know there are bad people out there and I know that war, hunger, poverty and injustice will not end just because we appointed him our leader. But I rejoice in the fact that those fighting war, hungry, poverty and injustice around the world have a new alley in him. I am hopeful that his inclusive nature will command the respect of our enemies. I believe that a citizen of the world as he has been, he will be able to speak from his heart to theirs; that he understands their cause, but that they begin to hear ours.

He is a man that inspired millions to hope for the best in ourselves. I am proud to call him MY PRESIDENT.

The entire story is not yet told. It is only the beginning. I am anxious to ride Hope for the next 8 years.


  1. Wonderful post. The whole world has got great hopes for him but we know the legacy he has been left and that no one man can be a miracle worker. One thing already though, there are many more young men and women who can hold their heads high and aspire to greater things.

  2. Dreams can come true. This one has been 400+ years in the making.