Monday, November 03, 2008

Music Day!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living here!!!! I know I complain about the weather, but really other than that, this place is heaven!!!! We are having such a blast. The other day Oldest Peep said to me that this is home now. That is incredible!

Today, Papa Peep and I played host to our new friends in what they call Music Day. Basically a few of them get together and play their instruments. There is an electric guitar section, a ukulele section, an acostic guitar section, a banjo, a bass, a mandolin, and a harmonica! They have a selection of songs and they go at it. There are many beautiful voices in the group and they all play beautifully. They really great part is that they are all patient with each other and help each other sound nicely. Papa Peep joined them and he really had a great time.

Since I have no musical talent other than playing my Ipod, I happily provided food to sustain those hard working musicians. Overall it was a fabulous time. I hope to be able to play host soon again. I wish I had video but Oldest Peep left my camera at a friends house and the SLR was all I had to work with. Enjoy a peek into our afternoon.

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  1. I bet that was a blast. Nothing like a home filled with good music, friends, and FOOD!