Monday, November 10, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Massacre of 2008!

So what ever happened to those pumpkins we were growing? The ones that were not growing at first and then grew quickly, but stayed green forever. Did they ever turn orange???? Well, for the most part they did. And the Peeps enjoyed turning them into Jack-O-Laterns. Take a peek.
Of course, Baby Peep's had to be throwing up!
Middle Peep's had devious eyebrows!
Oldest Peep's had a grin from ear to ear!
We gave the one in the middle to a neighbor that came over to help carve. That was the first pumpkin she had ever carved. We had a blast with her.
These are the three pumpkins we had left, each representative of their unique personalities! Overall, a great experience for the peeps from seed to Jack-O-Latern.


  1. Great pumpkins. I love the photos of Oldest Peep with hers, she is looking at it as one might a cheeky child!

  2. Has J seen the pumpkin that really spews seeds?