Monday, December 18, 2006


This is a picture we took while in Ecuador. We were visiting a Tsachila village. It was great being there. I really miss being "home". I will have to write about my trip some other day.

I am still in a Christmas funk. We finally got the tree and the kids (really S) dragged it into the house and dressed it all up. They got out the decorations, the stockings, the lights and put most of it up. The rest they left about the house. I will get to them before Christmas; I promise.

Well this weekend went by so fast. We went to see BIL's new house. It is very nice. I hope they will be happy there for a while. The details are very nice. It will be fun to fill it with nice things.

M had a chess tournament on Sunday. It went well although not as well as we had hoped. I must set up a more advanced learning schedule for him. He is not growing in chess anymore. He seems kind of stuck and I know it is because of lack of instruction. I hope the class we are trying to set up works out. I will post here what I come up.

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