Saturday, July 12, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge #16

Once many year ago, we had a garden when we first moved to the South. I still had tomatoes in December! Then we moved to a house with an almost completely shaded house. I had no place for a garden. Seven years later we moved to a new area with a different growing season. I almost did not start a garden at all because we had no Spring and I was not sure it would ever warm up or the sun would ever come out. But it did and I quickly ran to get seeds. I forgot all the research I did all those years ago and just threw seeds into the ground and hoped for the best. Below is the fruit of our labor.

Well, I can say we have pumpkins growing pretty well.

Baby Peep's

Middle Peep's

Oldest Peep's

The carrots did not do so well, but at least we have two! (We planted 2 rows of 5.)

The sun flowers are all finally growing. This part of our yard, due to the fence, doesn't get direct sun as I thought. Despite that they are growing pretty well..........I think.............

The tomato seeds never did come up. Neither did the mint I planted near by. So I went and bought 2 tomato plants. They are holding up. One had tiny tiny buds while the other is definitely flowering. One is a cherry tomato plant and the other is a Big Boy.

Cherry Tomatoes

Big Boy Tomatoes

After finding the tomatoes I found strawberry plants. I really thought it was too late to grow these but since the nursery had them I bought two and crossed my fingers. Last week it was really hot and I guess I was not watering enough because the leaves started to dry out. We have now doubled the water they get and they seem to be coming around.

Lastly, we have 4 cucumber plants. I am not sure we will ever see cucumbers but we have enjoyed seeing them grow. I think the growing season for them will end before we actually get any.

The 2nd to last cucumber is being eaten by something. This bottom one shriveled up today. I don't understand why!

We planted some herbs but NONE have turned out. We will try them in containers next. However, we are not discouraged. We plan on getting manure, fertilizer, and lots of top soil and raising our beds for fall. We want to try spinach, carrots again, potatoes, Echinacea, broccoli, blueberries and we will see what else I find to try out.


  1. Look at y'all go! We have a very small garden... nothing liked I had hoped....Most of my starts died so I had to have do overs.... and I lost momentum... :)

    We have tomatoes, spaghetti squash, different lettuce types and strawberry's...

    Happy Green hour challenge to ya!

  2. WAHOO! Look at your garden grow! Very nice indeed! :)

  3. I think it took me a good five years of failed gardens to get one that actually produced. Every climate zone is different and every piece of ground within that zone is different. I would not be discouraged either. The most important lesson in gardening is sort of like science, make an assumption, test the assumption, and then learn from what happens. Big lesson.

    I love my raised boxes and the square foot gardening techniques. I don't spend much time in my garden and after much trial and error, we have a garden that works for us....most of the time.

    We can not grow corn or carrots but we get lots of green beans and zucchini. We also learned a long time ago to plant flowers in and around the garden to attract bees and other pollinators.

    I also learned that some things grow best in containers and this year we are growing our tomatoes in containers and the bugs haven't ravaged them yet. I can also move the pots in and out of the sun as needed.

    Sorry this got so long, I love talking gardens.

    Thanks for sharing your link and giving the garden a try for this challenge.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom