Friday, July 11, 2008


Two weeks ago we got some Painted Lady Caterpillars. We have watched and cared for them. About 6 days ago they turned into chrysalis and today they were born!!!! Well, so far only 4 have been born. Oldest peep has set the video recorder on to see if we can catch the last one born. I put a banana at the bottom of the net and we have seen several fly down and roll out their proboscis and drink up the fruit. Baby Peep has been especially excited. Enjoy the few shots I got of this wonderful process. It is difficult to photograph them through the netting.


  1. Hello my across the water friend... You have been seriously mia..... so good to see the fun you are having.... we loved the very same kit.... we wanted to get more, but the cat got a hold of our little net cage and now we have a mess... :( bad kitty...

    Im loving this nice weather we are having.... yeah Washington!

    So did you and tina ever get to the science center... I never heard back from ya......


  2. We have this same kit too! We 3 are a awesome bunch! :)

    I never thought of bananna slices to use. Have you tired orange slices yet? They love them. :)


  3. I am totally shocked you brought bugs into your house! What are those Seattle folks doing to you? Have you lost your mind? Must be the weather! LOL