Friday, June 20, 2008

Outdoor Hour Challenge #13

Because we went away and Spring never really arrived to the Pacific Northwest, we are skipping around a little in our challenges. I figure I have to jump to the topic at hand at the moment because I just never know when the weather will cooperate. Monday was a gorgeous day.

This was the only cloud I could find.

Just before lunch we headed to a friends house for Spanish club. We knew we would not get much done since this was the first time we visited her house. She has an amazing yard and garden. She also raises chickens and lives near a beach. We never made it to the beach but hope to the next time we visit. I, of course, brought my camera because I knew there would be plenty of photo opportunities and I was right. Something happened to my zoom lens so I did not get many good macro shots, but I will share what I did get.

We actually watched this bee for a long time flying from flower to flower.

She took us on a tour of her yard and we were really impressed. Since our neighborhood is new and we have not had good weather we have not seen many great gardens. Our friend has put in a lot of hard work and it shows.

She did not know what these were. There were a few things she inherited when they bought the house and she can't bring herself to pull them out. They are rose shaped but have the feel of something like lamb's ear. Anyone care to guess???

When I saw this I thought about HarmonyArt Mom's humming bird feather in her Cala Lily. I looked but did not find any.

The kids wanted me to get the spider web. I tried but the sun was so bright (can you believe it??) that it made it hard to photograph.

Then while looking at the ferns we saw a spider's egg sac. That made them especially happy.

Oldest peep had a great time with the chickens. I think she is a farm girl at heart. I have no idea where that comes from. Maybe my mom....she use to raise chickens in Ecuador. I will have to ask her more about that. Overall it was a nice visit and we can't wait to visit when the garden is in full bloom! When we got home I printed off the flower parts sheets linked at Barb's blog. We also discussed the different varieties of chicken that are available. Now that the sun is out, we may be able to catch up on the challenges.


  1. Taking photos outside is so much harder when the sun is bright. There is a definite skill to getting a good spiderweb photo and I haven't found it yet. I should practice. :)

    It looks like you had a great time visiting your friend's garden. She does have some really nice flowers and plants for nature study.

    Thanks for the link to your entry and have fun in the sun. :) While it lasts. :)

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Good job!!! How nice you have a Spanish club!! Cool!!

    I have been tying to talk my husband into chickens.... still no go on that one....

    Gret job on the challenges!!

    Lisa~ who is enjoying coffee and sunshine right now!!

  3. I think the succulent is called... hens and chicks!
    Glad the sun was able to shine!

  4. Beautiful flower pictures!!
    and that's not even in full bloom!

    I am so garden-challenged, it's not even funny. I can sure appreciate others' work though.