Thursday, June 19, 2008

Now back to the wedding.....

Since we have been busy, I have not had time to finish off the wedding post. Well, to sum it up it was the best wedding I had ever been too. Not one single hiccup( but a few welcomed surprises along the way). My aunts (the one getting married and the one that practically raised her) did a great job of preparing everything months in advanced. I actually went to Ecuador 2 weeks ahead of schedule so that I could help with the last minute things and there were few things left to do. They were just amazing. The ceremony was beautiful in a very nice church and the party afterwards....well, we will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

So the wedding was sweet but then we went to the reception..........

My aunt (the one getting married) really wanted a new "thing" they are doing in Ecuador for weddings and other special occassions. You hire a company to liven your party. They come with a mime (not the kind we know but one who dances and dances and dances), a clown on stilts, a drummer type, and a cute dancer lady. They bring their own music, stay for one hour, and make sure every single guest at your event is on their feet and having the time of their life! They also bring hats, whistles, containers with that foam snake stuff and anything else you are willing to pay for! I managed to hire the group you see in the slideshow without anyone knowing what I was up to. I had to be sneaky because in a family like mine keeping secrets is NOT easy! Everyone was surprised and we had a wonderful, wonderful time as seen by the last two pictures of feet no longer able to stand having shoes on them.


  1. It all looks perfectly lovely and totally fun!!!

  2. Your aunt is beautiful! What a pretty dress... I loved all the pictures!!!

    What a blessing you were able to be a prt of it all... good for your little peeps too!