Friday, April 25, 2008


These are some of my grandmother's flowers. Since she lives in a city (Guayaquil) space is limited. She has no yard to plant these in. They are all in flower pots and she cares for them the same way she cared for her 10 children.....lots of love, lots of patience and GREAT food. I am still downloading pictures of my trip and haven't found the right picture of my grandma to share. Soon to come......

But here is another picture of the crazy cousin peeps.


  1. Hello dear! What a joy and a blessing it must have been? Its great they all clicked right away! Great memories you shared w/ your peeps...


  2. I have never left Europe and so this just amazing to me. Your grandmother is so resourceful. She creates a beautiful garden and a beautiful children in the smallest space!

  3. Beautiful roses! What a wonderful experience for you dc as well.