Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I have much to write about but I have not been in a writing mood. Today, while schooling the oldest peep in Latin, I was so proud it made me want to tell you all about it.

Her assignment was to translate a story written in Latin to English. She had to translate it nautically. The author of this text is very silly that way, which is one of the many reasons we love it so much and HIGHLY recommend it. She did such a marvelous job that I will share it with you.

i will leave out the accents because i don't know how to add them here

An Adventure by Sea

olim quinque pueri cum quinque puellis novam inculm petere constituerunt. ibi non incolas superare cupiebant sed invenire aurum. gladios et hastas trans undas non vexerunt, sed multum cibum et multum aquam et magnum librum. librum scripsit poeta Quintus et parvis nautis dedit; pulcher erat et pulcher verba continuit; nautae librum magnopere amabant. fortier per undas navigabant; ubi venti boni fuerunt, laeti erant; sed ubi mali fuerunt, quod in magno periculo erant, miseri erant. tandem insulam invenerunt; in oppidum festinant. ibi incolae nautis "salvete!" dicunt.

Translation by an 11 year old!
Once upon a time, five boys with five girls decide to seek an island. They did not want to overcome the inhabitants, but to find gold. They do not take swords and spears across the waves, but much food, much water, and a big book. The poet Quintus wrote the book, and gave it to the small sailors; it was beautiful and it contained beautiful words. The sailors loved the book. They bravely sailed through the waves; when the winds were good they were happy, because they were in great danger, they were miserable. At last they found the island; they hurry into town. There the inhabitants say, "Hello!" to the sailors.

to be continued................... What do you think happens to the boys and girls.........will they find gold............will the inhabitants help them or chase them away....stay tuned to find out...........

I peaked ahead so I know there is more to come.

She wrote all that and only asked my help a few times. I think this peep has got this Latin thing down! We are almost done with the first book in this series and can't wait to start the next one. The best thing about it is that I am learning just as much as she. I can't remember the vocabulary as well as she can, but I have the Spanish to help me out there most times. Anyway, I am such a proud mama.

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  1. That's GREAT!!!

    Today ds and I were looking back at the first paragraphs he translated and he proudly stated, "I can translate those now EASILY!"

    Very good, Mama Peep