Monday, December 07, 2009


No idea what those were until we hit geometry! I don't remember ever doing those in my geometry class and I have to say I am glad I didn't meet these guys sooner. I am just not artsy at all! I am literal. I am not very imaginative. I need live demonstrations. Sometimes I can follow written instructions but I need specific instructions on exactly what to do to get X. With tessellations all we kept finding was do this and this and see what you see. I see a big blob with wavy lines. They saw dolphins, and lizards, and horses. Not I! So why did I rack my brain over this. Middle Peep is taking a great online Math class and this was his assignment worth a test grade......a WHOLE test grade! This sort of stuff freaks me out.

In order to explain it to him, I had to understand it. You see...he is like his mama. He took one look at all those this and then this and see what you see...and he saw...a blob with wavy lines! I can not tell you how many times we Bing(?ed?) tessellations.  (OK...we Googled too but that didn't help any either.) Well I finally left him to it and offered no suggestions other than perhaps he should alternate the solid and polka dotted, etc.

This is what he did!

A close up!

In a different direction...

Mama is proud of you!!!!

Now we await the grade.....

Edited to add......he received a 93%. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!


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