Monday, October 20, 2008

Should I or Should I not????

That is the question!

A few weeks ago a fellow homeschooler posted on our local email list about a science fair seminar. I somehow managed to get away without children to hear the speaker. I was fascinated by everything they had to share with us. As I sat there, I envisioned my three little peeps bursting with joy when I shared what I had discovered. The fun they would have experimenting since that is what they are always asking me for but I never deliver.

Why don't I provide this you ask? Well, if we are being honest, I don't like the mess and I don't have the patience. I like things done a certain way and I have a hard time setting them free to explore on their own. It is difficult to see them doing it wrong and not scream out a warning. It is impossible for me to watch the mistake and then not want to take over. And did I mention I don't like the mess involved in experimentation.

So for me to get this excited about science fair projects was really .....well..... exciting!

Almost a month has gone by and we are no where near ready to start. No one can narrow down what they want to do and none of the peeps has any testable curiosities. Baby Peep wants to know how gravity works. Middle Peep wants to do something with Plate Tectonics, and Oldest Peep thinks this is stupid.

Should I? Should I not? If I do, how?


  1. I have no suggestions on how to do this or even if you should but I had to say that you are not alone in your feelings on science projects. I do them occasionally but it is definitely forced on my part to put that smile on my face, dig out the supplies, and get ready to get messy. I typically like them once I start but the thought of them is the hard part for me. Good luck coming up with some great projects and don't forget to post what you do :o)

  2. I love science projects... but don’t like science fairs... what’s up w/ that? but... I’m being honest *Ü*

    Have you looked into any Janice Van Cleave science fair books for inspiration?? Just a thought...

    I look forward to what ya'll decide... *Ü* Its good to hear from ya... even though I’m not really hearing you... but you know... snicker...