Wednesday, September 05, 2007

More Wild Animals!

Today we found this little dude hanging out at our trash can. It freaked oldest peep out and the boys were fascinated, but only baby peep had the courage to pick it up.

No idea where this child gets it from. Neither Papa Peep nor I like animals of any kind. Baby Peep is quite the opposite.


  1. Cute tree frog and kid. Fi loves those little frogs but they must stay outside!

  2. Oh absolutely!!! You now my policy on pets. They all begged to keep the turtle and the frog, but mama has more sense than that. :-)
    Tree frog huh? Maybe I will look these up on th enet for him. Do you know if the turtle is a box turtle. Can you tell I am a city girl???

  3. Yes, it's an Eastern Box Turtle. Fi wants some as pets too. I say no, they belong outside :-))